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FantaSciCon Fundraiser

For all our members who have been after us for years to know our Specialty Drink recipes, well here's your chance.

For a twenty dollar donation you will receive the recipes for our Blood Wine and Romulan Ale. But that's not all. As a bonus we will also include our recipes for Aldeberan Whiskey, Saurian Brandy and Cardisian Kanar.

We will be offering a limited number of our recipe packages, so get your order in early. Also, to keep everyone honest, Orders will not be sent out until we reach the set number of orders. If, by chance, the set number is not reached your donation will be returned. We will post, periodically on the site, how many orders are still available.

Te reserve your collection of these recipes drop a check for your $20 donation in the mail made out to FantaSciCon along with your current email address to:
c/o L. D. Stacy
395 Stancil RD
Rossville, GA 30741
Then confirm your order by email to:

Your Recipe Package will be emailed to you as soon as we reach the set quota.

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